Here are 18 summer bucket list ideas that will make your baby’s first summer as fun-filled as it should be. Don’t forget to snap away!


summer bucket list

A beach visit has to be the number one idea on every parent’s summer bucket list. There’s nothing like watching your baby build his first sandcastle or leave prints of his cute hands and feet in the sand (very photo-worthy!). And then there’s the dipping of his toes in the ocean for the first time. If you love taking pictures, the beach is the perfect place for lovely scenes, so make sure you bag this idea.


summer bucket list

This summer bucket list idea is a super-cool way to dazzle your baby (and you don’t have to break the bank to do it!). But brace yourself for the zillions of faces your baby will make at the sight of the bubbles (I’ll have my camera or phone ready if I were you!).


summer bucket list

Picnics are a family tradition that you’d want your baby to experience. So pack up a picnic basket, and into the woods, you go!


summer bucket list

Want to make those animals your wee one sees in his baby board books come alive? Then a trip to the zoo is long overdue. Give your baby his first experience with animals. He may prove to be an animal lover.


summer bucket list

Hit the road with your baby to explore new sights out of town. If you’re planning a long road trip, these tips will help.


summer bucket list

Take advantage of windy days to go kite-flying with your baby. Though he may not be able to grasp the line of the kite, let’s hope he enjoys watching you fly the kite or at least gets his first lesson in aerodynamics. Who knows, he might end up becoming a pilot!


summer bucket list

Summer is the most popular season to go camping. Indeed, this summer bucket list idea is a must-do and a chance to give your baby a taste of the great outdoors. Here are 12 tips that will teach you the ropes of camping with your baby.


summer bucket list

Hiking some tot-friendly trails seems like the perfect summer bucket list idea for a baby. Strap him on in a baby carrier and take a hike (we don’t mean that literally, laughing out loud!). Here is an A-Z of what you need to know about hiking with a baby.


summer bucket list

Summer is the perfect time to introduce your baby to Mother Nature. A walk through your local botanic garden will be fun. Besides, it will be a good opportunity for your baby to experience different sights, sounds and smells. These sensory experiences are brain-boosting and help with your baby's brain development. Let your baby smell the roses, touch the roughness of the bark of a tree, listen to the noise the insects or birds make or watch the sky.


 summer bucket list

Get your baby some water or finger paint and make a ‘Picasso’ out of him. Water painting is best done outdoors because it’s a messy business. However, it’s a great activity for your baby to work on his fine motor skills and to learn through his senses. Lay out some old towels or a blanket on the patio or carpet. Set up the water paint and some paper on top of the blanket or towels. Make sure you strip your baby down to just his diapers. Is it your first water painting with your baby? Read how one mom pulled hers off.

Pro Tips:

  • Use a non-toxic water or finger paint. Chances are your baby will be in his or her mouthing stage when they explore things with their mouths. They  may end up eating paint.
  • Alternatively, you can go for edible water or finger paint which you can make from ingredients from your kitchen.


summer bucket list

Summer is the best time for your baby’s first swim lesson. If your baby is 6 months old, sign him or her up for a mommy-and-me-swim class. Not only will you have fun, but this playtime can be great for bonding with them. Besides, teaching your child how to swim reduces his or her risk of drowning. Find out all you need to know about swimming lessons for babies.


summer bucket list

Babies as old as six months can be taken to the museum. There are many intriguing sights that your baby can watch, and you can talk to them about. This visit is another sensory experience for your tot.

Pro Tips:

  • Do not stay for more than two hours with your baby in the museum. Babies get bored easily because of their short attention spans.
  • Visit different exhibits or sections of the museum that way, your baby can get as many sights as possible.
  • There are baby-friendly museums that offer stroller tours that you can take advantage of.


summer bucket list

We do not need to get into a long-winded rant on the benefits of early reading. This is why a trip to the library should be among your summer bucket list ideas. When summer comes, get your baby into a buggy and be on your way to your local library to gorge on some baby books.


summer bucket list

Your baby's first summer bucket list will not be complete without a shopping spree. Visit the mall or tour some marts in your town. He or she might pick up a few thrifty tricks from you.


summer bucket list

Visit someplace you have never been to with your baby. This can be out of or somewhere in your country. Look for fun tourist sites and dip into your piggy bank to fund the trip. If you’re going to travel by air, you will find our guide very useful.


summer bucket list

Every kid loves water play (I guess it has to do with all the splashing around!). When the heat is up on summer days, take your baby to the nearest splash pad for some fun. Splash pads are safe recreation areas because they have little or no standing water.

Pro Tip:

Arm yourself with some essentials like sunscreen, lots of drinking water, protective clothing like a hat and some swim diapers. Pack these into your stroller if it’s very spacey.


summer bucket list

Carry your little one along on a fruit-picking adventure. They will never forget it! Fruit-picking can be very stimulating for your baby's senses. From the visual appeal of the colour of the fruits, to their first taste of a fruit and the feel of the skin's fruit in their hands, your baby's experience is sure to be a memorable one. You can decide to go to a You-Pick or Pick-Your-Own farm, where you pick fruits and pay for the amount you have picked up. Here's what you need to know about fruit-picking.


Notice how your baby gives complete and utter attention to the colours of a toy. Now imagine how much your baby's face will light up when you visit the aquarium because of all the colourful sea creatures swimming around in super large water tanks. Babies watching different sizes and shapes of wildlife swim around will spark their imagination, learning, and create a fun visit for the whole family. Get more information about visiting the Toronto Aquarium.


There’s a pandemic out there, so choose ONLY activities allowed by your local authority. And if you must engage in any activity outside of your home, do observe all COVID-19 protocols. You can also improvise most of these activities at home, which is the safest for your baby. For instance, a water tub in your backyard makes for the perfect splash pad.



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