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The Brew Sisters – Message!

Founders Images - Brew Sisters

We (Angelina Brew + Sherry Brew) were raised to know that no matter what challenges comes your way in life you are capable of doing anything and achieving greatness. With a mindset of resilience, hope, love and most importantly a belief in oneself and love of self; anyone can do GreatWonderful things.

This is why we started GreatWonderful in 2018, a Canadian based company with values rooted in HOPE. HAPPINESS. HEALTH. As such we believe in empowering people right from when they are born. Our outlook is that each one of us are impacted by what surround us constantly, so why not have products that provide a visual cue that we are all capable of greatness in our own way? This gave birth to GreatWonderful diapers for babies and feminine care products for the ladies.

Welcome to our shop and if you have any questions, please say Hi to us at We would love to hear from you.




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