Finally, our last set of 4 baby food recipes! On the menu are Pureed Avocado, Pureed Pumpkin, Pureed Apple and Pureed Sweet Potato recipes.


Avocadoes are what we call 'baby's natural butter'. Their rich creaminess when pureed makes them a great temptation for your baby's taste buds. They are also the home of omega-3 fatty acids which are a group of healthy fats that are needed for your baby's cell and brain development. They can be served alone or mixed with breast milk or formula. They also gel well with bananas if you want to make an incredibly nutrient-rich meal for your baby fused with a combo of potassium, beta carotene and omega-3 fatty acids. It's best to buy avocadoes that have firm skin and dent a little when pressed; do not buy the hard ones – they'll give you a gritty texture and the overripe ones will just be too squishy. Mind you, avocadoes are extremely perishable and should be well refrigerated!

Download Pureed Avocado Recipe Here

pureed avocado baby food recipe


Pureed pumpkin is another great choice for autumn apart from apples. A blemish-free pumpkin, with a deep yellow or orange colour which has a smooth but slightly ridged skin, is sure to make a puree which mixes well with not-so-sweet veggies like green beans or fruits and is sure to provide your baby with the haemoglobin-forming nutrient, iron.

Download Pureed Pumpkin Recipe Here

pureed pumpkin baby food recipe


Make a Vitamin-C rich pureed apple meal for your baby by getting some fresh apples when they are in season this fall. This recipe is so easy-peasy and makes a slightly sweet baby food which contains vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants which are healthy for your baby. What's more, apples gel well with a wide variety of other foods; cereals (oatmeal), fruits (pears, peaches, cherries and bananas), veggies (sweet potatoes and carrots) and other purees; you can mix it with these for variety especially if you want your baby to experience other flavours and textures. When shopping for apples, buy those that are organic, hard (with a firm skin), blemish-free and have no damages on their skin.

Download Pureed Apple Recipe Here

pureed apple baby food recipe


When it comes to sweet potatoes, you have three options for cooking them – baking, boiling and steaming. However, baking or roasting sweet potatoes gives them a better taste. Adding sweet potatoes is a great way to bring in some variety to your baby's meals. They are also a great choice because they are rich in fiber, vitamins and also potassium which is a very important nutrient and yet widely known to be lacking in the diets of many. You can mix your baked sweet potato puree with other pureed foods (apples, peas, pumpkins, brown rice, carrots and pears) and of course your breast milk or formula. For making a delicious and healthy meal, you want to buy small or medium-sized potatoes (these don't have too much starch) with firm and unwrinkled skins and have no blemishes or bruises. When in doubt, since sweet potatoes come in different colours, buy the deep orange coloured ones since they are sweeter and will give you a more delicious and creamier puree.

Download Pureed Sweet Potato

pureed sweet potato baby food recipe

Hope your baby enjoys his or her meals made with these recipes!


By Nana Ama Afoa Osae I Writer I GreatWonderful Team

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