So your home needs a facelift this summer. How do you swing this? Here are eleven summer renovation ideas to get your home improvement project started on the right foot.


summer renovation ideas

A budget-friendly way to give your kitchen a new look is to reface the cabinets instead of replacing them if they are in good shape. With cabinet re-facing, you change the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Then you fix the matching veneer on the face of the cabinet bases. When the cabinet re-facing is complete, your kitchen will look so fresh, but it would have cost you a lot less than if you had gone on to replace the cabinets. This type of renovation is best done in the summer because by the time it’s complete, it will be before the holiday season begins, and your kitchen will be ready for all the cooking and entertaining.

Another option for refurbishing your kitchen without breaking the bank, is to swap out old countertops. Again, summer is a great time to do this since it’s not a good idea to carry heavy countertops in and out of your home on frosty sidewalks.


summer renovation ideas

When windows get draughty, they are unable to keep out the chill during the winter months. They often lead to high heating costs and make indoors uncomfortable. If your windows allow cold air to seep into your home and all the caulking isn’t helping, then it is time to change them. Call in the professionals to assess your needs, do the measuring, ordering and installation. Always opt for window styles that suit your budget and home’s needs. These should be energy-efficient and low-maintenance replacement windows. Some window styles you can choose from are sliders, double-hung windows, geometric patterns and transom windows.

If your windows are historic or vintage, these tips will help you take good care of them.

Did you know that you earn a return on investment when you upgrade your windows? A window upgrade not only improves the aesthetics of your home but also eliminates the need for heating and air-conditioning.


summer renovation ideas

Of all the summer renovation ideas, adding curb appeal is everyone’s fave. Beautifying your lawn makes it more visually appealing and adds character to your home. Plus, it probably takes no more than a week to get it done.

As a homeowner, you have two options as far as this renovation is concerned; DIY or hiring a professional.

You must consider doing three things when touching up your landscape. Create a walkway, add solar lighting and then plant a mature tree.


summer renovation ideas

Building an addition gives you a return on your investment because it improves your home’s value. Moreover, it’s a good idea for large close-knitted families who need extra accommodation for other family members, like grandparents visiting during the holidays. However, of all the summer renovation ideas, this project is probably the lengthiest. Your best shot is the beginning of summer, so you are sure of finishing before the holiday season.

You can choose to build up or out but first, consider the pros and cons of each way of building an addition before you decide on which one works for you. Generally, building up is less costly than building out but will require you to move out of your house when the project is ongoing.


summer renovation ideas

Just as an old siding can detract from your home’s curb appeal, so does a shabby driveway. If it’s not in too bad a shape, you can pour more gravel or refinish asphalt or concrete. Or you can excavate and build a new driveway. You can make the new driveway wider for more parking space.


summer renovation ideas

Painting the interior walls of your home is a simple way to give your home a makeover. This could be the DIY on our list of eleven summer renovation ideas. So, which wall paint colours are trending? According to experts, most people will be looking for soothing shades. This is not surprising, given that 2020 was a stressful year. Blue, earthy tones like brown, aubergine, saffron, yellow and neutrals like white will be the ‘it’ hues for 2021.

If you want to bring colour into your home, you can paint your walls with a neutral colour and use accessories to make them pop with colour. Alternatively, if you have area rugs, throws or accent pillows, you can pick a colour in any of these and repaint your walls in the same colour so they match.


summer renovation ideas

There’s nothing that adds to the curb appeal of your home more than a new roof. If yours is ten years and more, it is time to think about a replacement. You can roof over old shingles but make sure you inspect the roof deck to ensure it is in good shape. Your best option is to fully tear off the old one and install a new one.


summer renovation ideas

Your main door is another part of your home which contributes to its visual appeal. Trust us, no matter how beautiful your exterior or landscaping is, a weather-beaten front door just detracts from all the beauty. And what a better time to change it than in summer, just in time for the cold months of winter.


The best replacement doors should:

  • be made of 100% fibreglass and composite
  • pre-hung and secure
  • meet forced-entry standards
  • not warp, swell or split like traditional wood doors


summer renovation ideas

Fences improve the aesthetics of your home and define its boundaries. For homes with kids and pets, fences provide extra protection and privacy, especially if you live in a neighbourhood.

It’s best to change your old fence or fix a new one (if you haven’t any) in summer. During warm weather, it’s easier to dig because the soil is softer. Besides, the concrete used to make the fence stand sets quicker.


summer renovation ideas

Summer is a time to be outdoorsy. So having a deck is a surefire way to have some outdoor fun in your backyard. Building a deck is quite a short project which you can take on in the summer. You can have it finished and use it for the best part of summer before fall and winter. Pressure-treated decking materials are the best choice, but composite products are equally good. Composites do not splinter or need repainting, and they are easy to clean.


summer renovation ideas

Summer is the right time to re-side because it’s quite a long project which requires fair weather. Flaky or home siding that is peeling off needs to be changed. It cannot hold paint when you repaint it because it usually develops mould, mildew or rot on its surface. Besides, loose or missing boards from old siding make your home less resistant to weather changes. This contributes to heating and cooling costs because you have to resort to other means of heating up or cooling off your home, like installing an air conditioner. So transform your home from drab to fab; give it new siding made of the right style. You can choose from different colours, textures and styles, like scalloped shingles or traditional horizontal board siding.

Summer is a perfect time to renovate your home. The weather is great and you have more daytime hours to complete your renovation project. So go for it!



By Nana Ama Afoa Osae I Writer I GreatWonderful Team

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