If you're looking to make a quick buck this spring or summer, a garage sale is the way to go. Read on to find out how to pull off one.

Clean up your space

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Your home can be a gold mine once you get down to taming all the clutter. Did you know you can make quite a killing with all those old clothes in your closet or that old hoover gathering dust in your basement? Now is the time to tick off all the stuff on your spring cleaning checklist. While you are at, get some storage bags or boxes and pile up all the items you can glean and sell at your garage sale.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

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Once you've set a date for your garage sale and you have your items to sell ready, get the word out. If you're active on social, you can post it on Instagram or Facebook. You can also put an ad in your local newspaper or give out flyers at the mall, park, etc. Don't forget to tell your family, friends and co-workers about your upcoming sale - word of mouth is just as effective as any other form of advertising. Besides, it doesn't cost you a dime.

Opt for a Community Garage Sale

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Instead of a household garage sale, decide on a community garage sale. It will be a lot of work, but you won't regret it. A community garage sale is bound to attract more buyers because there will be a lot of items on sale. And you know what more buyers mean - more cash! So call up your neighbours and rope them in. You can work out a way of sharing the profits after the garage sale.

Put up some signage

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Boost sales at your garage sale with lots of fun and colourful signage advertising all the different wares. In addition, put up enough signage at vantage points in your neighbourhood or town to direct garage sale-goers to your garage sale. The signage should be large enough for people to read what you have printed or written on them.

Group your items

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Display your wares in an organized way to make it easier for buyers to find items. Make it easy peasy for garage sale-goers because they are looking for something particular to buy. Moreover, a tidy-looking garage sale attracts buyers. Arrange the items at your garage sale according to books, toys, clothing, home décor, tools, furniture, etc.

Spice up the shopping experience

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If you want to make a lot of sales, you need to invest in making your buyers' experience enjoyable and easy. Simply put, your garage sale has to be very shoppable. You have to give garage sale-goers the same convenience as a retail outlet. Here are a few tips to help you wow shoppers:

  • Spiff up your curb appeal. Trim your lawn, give your fence and garage door a fresh coat, change your house number signage, and spruce up your driveway.
  • Exhibit your wares on tables. They will be at eye level, making shopping comfy for shoppers.
  • Hang up clothes for sale on hangers and display them on racks. You will create an attractive display and make it easier for shoppers to find what they want.
  • Create a comfy environment. The more relaxed your shoppers are, the longer they will stay, and the longer they stay, the more things they are likely to buy. Play some music, put up some fans, have some bottled water or drinks available and get them shopping carts or bags.

Put up price tags

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While you need to brace yourself for some tough bargaining from some shoppers, you can make it easier for you and them if you put price tags on your wares. It will give your shoppers an idea of their value and if they are getting their money's worth. You can create and print out price tags from a word processor on your PC or buy some premade stickers from a shop.

Buy price tags

Price right

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Pricing wares at a garage sale can be tough. The rule of thumb is to give your used wares a 20% discount on their original price. However, price items higher if they still have their tags - that is the exception to the 20% discount rule. When in doubt, check out other garage sale prices or online.

Have enough change

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One of the things that can mess up a shopper's experience is the hassle of making change. Before the sale, head over to the bank and get some small bills. You will also be doing yourself a favour if you price your items in multiples of 5 cents - $0.05, $0.10 and $0.25. It will make it easier to get change for shoppers.

Let go of leftovers

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Don't forget that the primary goal of having a garage sale is to get rid of all the stuff cluttering your home (even though you will be laughing to the bank!). Look for an orphanage, church or local cause and donate any leftovers to them.

Tell us in the comments section below your plans for all the cash from your garage sale. We are curious to know. Happy Garage Selling!!!



By Nana Ama Afoa Osae I Writer I GreatWonderful Team

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