Here is our second set of Stage 1 baby food recipes. Featured are Pureed Pea, Pureed Apricot, Pureed Pear and Brown Rice Cereal recipes. These will surely get your 4 to 6 month old salivating!

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Frozen or fresh peas will be your first choice of veggies for your baby. They are a storehouse for most vitamins and minerals and they also contain a lot of fiber. Peas can be dished out plain or mixed with breast milk or formula, other sweeter veggies such as sweet potatoes and carrots – or for a twist with a bit of yoghurt (which is a great source of protein) for babies who are 6 months old. When getting your peas, do buy fresh, bright green-coloured ones and be mindful of their pods – these should be undamaged. Do not buy canned peas as they contain additives which are not good for babies.

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pureed pea baby food recipe


This is another beta-carotene-rich food you would want to try out for your baby. Apricots are uniquely spicy as compared to other fruits and can bring some variety of taste to your baby's meals, especially when they have been on some one-veggie and one-fruit purees for a bit. Apricots are a way to introduce something new on your baby's menu. When buying apricots buy them fresh and soft (should dent a little when squeezed) in the summer and they should not have blemishes and damages.

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pureed apricot baby food recipe


Pears are another sweet fruit to introduce to your baby. They contain lots of soluble fibre, potassium and are Vitamin C-rich. Go for pears that are yellow-coloured, fully ripe (they usually smell sweet when ripe) with firm skins which have no blemishes and damages. They are also versatile and taste delicious when mixed well with other fruit purees like banana, pumpkin, peach, sweet potato and green bean.

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 pureed pear baby food recipe


Brown rice cereal should be your first choice of food for your baby if you want to make that swap from a liquid diet to a solid one. Brown rice is a better choice than all other types of rice since it's non-allergenic, very healthy and compatible with other fruits and cereals. It's also very nutritious containing fiber, carbs and B vitamins (B1, B3 and B6). Organic short-grain rice is what you want to buy to make your brown rice cereal. It is best served mixed with some breast milk or formula or pureed with fruits like banana, avocado, peach, apple and pear. It's recommended that you start your baby on brown rice cereal when he or she is at least 6 months old since it's very dense and can be too heavy for his or her small tummy.

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brown rice cereal baby food recipe

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