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We’re a Canadian health and wellness brand of diapers and feminine care products with values rooted in Hope. Happiness. Health. 

Great Face Mask


We love you and your baby, and our  burning desire and mission is to ensure that every baby has a safe and healthy development with our brand of diapers.




We believe in empowering people right from the beginning of life that we are all born to be great with a bright future full of opportunities. We’re always providing GreatWonderful hypoallergenic diapers and feminine care products; gentle on skin.  



During this unprecedented time of Covid-19, we are helping provide non-medical mask to as many people as possible. Our company has switched our company product line temporarily to providing non-medical mask to the community and businesses. Our goal is to have everyone wear non-medical mask to protect ourselves and everyone around us. So that "Medical Masks" are conserved for healthcare worker use!
By purchasing our mask, you are acknowledging the fact these are not medical grade masks. We do not claim any medical benefits with the use of these masks.


Mother and Baby- Best New Born Diapers

Please Stay Home , Practice Physical Distancing, Wash Your Hands, Learn about Face Coverings and Get the facts about COVID-19.