Safety during COVID-19

Safety for Employees:

As the situation with Covid-19 evolves day-by-day, our top priority during these challenging times continues to be with the health of our co-workers, customers and community.

At GreatWonderful Corp, taking care of both employees and community is extremely important to us.

All employees have been trained with proper hand washing standards, work areas are cleaned prior to shipping each package and each employee wear gloves, mask and uses sanitizers when packing orders.


"FYI" Safety for the Community: Public Health Ontario, Ministry of Health and Government of Canada and Centre for Disease control and Prevention  (CDC) recommendations.

Wearing masks is our shared responsibility to protect each other and reduce community transmission. The best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is by staying home and avoiding close contact with others outside of your household.

It is recommended that you use a face covering (non-medical mask such as a cloth mask) to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 when physical distancing and keeping two-metres’ distance from others may be challenging or not possible, such as:

  • public transit.
  • Small/Big grocery stores or pharmacies.
  • When you are receiving essential services.

Wearing a mask alone will not prevent the spread of COVID-19. You must consistently and strictly adhere to good hygiene and public health measures, including frequent hand washing and physical (social) distancing.

Medical masks (surgical, medical procedure face masks and respirators like N95 masks) should be reserved for use by health care workers and first responders.

 “If you can’t predict whether you can maintain that two-metre distance,
then it’s recommended that you wear the non-medical mask or facial covering".
Dr. Theresa Tam.
“In certain situations, such as transit where you cannot be assured that you'll be able to guarantee that two metre or six foot distance, and we are recommending, strongly recommending the use of [a] facial covering, non-medical, in that time so as to prevent any further transmission to others and to respect their space as well as your space in that regard".
Dr. David Williams; Ontario’s Chief Medical Office of Health.
“It's a new habit that we're going to have to develop and cultivate. It's not instinctive for us and perhaps doesn't come naturally for us yet to wear a face covering when you leave your home, but we must absolutely develop that habit”.
Genevieve Guilbault; Quebec's Deputy Premier.
“No one is saying that masks are a substitute for other very prudent measures to avoid acquiring the infection and transmitting the infection. But it only makes sense that an added layer of protection is a very reasonable thing to consider, especially when we know that over 40 per cent of COVID-19 is being transmitted without people showing any symptoms".
 Dr. Abdu Sharkawy; Infectious Disease Specialist

Non-medical masks or face coverings should not:

  • Be shared with others.
  • Impair vision or interfere with tasks.
  • Be placed on children under the age of 2 years.
  • Be made of plastic or other non-breathable materials.
  • Be secured with tape or other inappropriate materials.
  • Be made exclusively of materials that easily fall apart, such as tissues.
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing.
  • Anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

*Please understand that all GreatWonderful masks are non-medical and are not a replacement for medical grade respirators, mask, or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and is not intended to replace other recommended measures to reduce transmission. Please continue to practice social distancing, washing your hands, and refraining from touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes.