Corporate Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders

We're excited to be able to offer volume pricing for Face Mask and Baby Diaper bulk orders and corporate customers!

Face Mask:

Corporate clients can order 100 – 600 disposable masks here “Face Mask – Business/Corporate (Commercial). For orders over 600 please contact us directly at

Tips and best practises for business to help stay safe while working during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Setting up “Siri” on your iPhone so you can use voice commands and limit the amount you need to touch your phone.
  • Placing your phone into a Ziploc bag and changing the bag after leaving each site. 
  • Disinfecting your cell phones with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on a tissue or cloth, spreading it well on the tissue then use the tissue to clean the device. Please do not apply the alcohol directly to the cell phone as this could damage the screen or connections.
  • Using headphones and running the wire through the Ziploc bag will help keep workers from touching their face. Also keeping phones in a shirt pocket or jacket pocket will help from getting the phone contaminated.      If you have a Bluetooth set of headphones this is not needed.
  • Wearing latex gloves and removing them after 4 hrs or each use.
  • Wearing a non-medical mask or homemade mask has not been proven to protect the person wearing it, however, it can be an additional measure to protect others around you especially in situations where you can’t ensure proper physical (social) distancing.
  • Removing work clothing in the garage or front entrance of your home before entering and keeping a hamper in there to limit the exposure in the house.
  • Showering as soon as you arrive home from work.

Baby Diapers:

For bulk orders below 500 boxes of baby diapers in Europe, please go to here to our Baby Diaper Europe Collections.

Bulk orders of baby diapers over 500 boxes, please contact us at or visit

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