Got some closet clutter issues?

No p! We've got you on this one! Start reorganizing your closet on the right bat with these tips.

But first things first! Let's get into the nitty gritty of closet organization.

Closet organization involves three essential steps:

  1. Decluttering (getting rid of clutter)
  2. Building in compartments or shelves
  3. Organising (getting space for each type of clothing or accessory)

That said, let's dive in to the tips!

Opt For Matching Hangers


Hang your clothes on matching hangers and watch them do their magic! Hangers of the same colour and size make your clothes look evenly arranged, which is attractive. Besides, they help save up on space.

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Make Space For Both Short And Long Items


Your clothing will not be of the same length or size. It makes sense then to have different hanging spaces for each type of clothing (dresses, blouses, skirts, shorts, pants, etc.). That way, everything stays spick and span, and it's even easier to find what you want to wear.

Add In A Clothing Rack


A stylish-looking clothing rack can perk up your bedroom, plus save up on space in your closet. You'll thank us for this tip when you have no room in your closet for extra clothing except for that clothing rack sitting in the corner of your bedroom. More so, you can use it to display your most-priced fashion items (show everyone the fashionista you are!).

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Labels, Labels, Labels


Works if you pack up stuff like accessories (jewelry, sunglasses, purses, belts, underwear, etc.) in baskets and bins. Labelling such storage makes it super easy to find items.

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Swap As You Go


Keep seasonal items like coats, boots and bathing suits in baskets (separately, of course!). And then, swap up whichever basket contains the clothing items you need for every new season. For instance, when it's fall, place cold weather clothing on the bottom shelves and warm weather clothing on top. Do the reverse when it's spring.

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A Dresser Is A Must-Have


Yes, it is when your closet doesn't have enough or no built-ins like shelves, compartments or racks. You can place a dresser below the shelves to create more space for extra clothing.

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Colours Do The Trick


Not only does this make your closet aesthetically appealing, but it takes the hassle out of looking for what to wear, especially when you have to pair clothing items. Because arranging your clothes by colour in your closet, sparks your creativity!

Step Up Your Folding


Better folding is another way to maximize space in your closet. Some basic folding techniques are sticking bras inside each other or putting smaller items like purses and bags into bigger ones to save up on space in drawers. You could also fold clothing items like shirts and sweaters vertically than horizontally (piling them on top of the other) in drawers. Click here to learn some more folding techniques.

Opt For A Shelf Organizer

A shelf hanging organizer could be the ultimate investment; if your closet doesn't have enough built-ins or drawers. You can hang one on a rack in your closet to create enough vertical space for shelving items such as bags, sweaters, etc.

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Jewelry Worry

Don't stress over your jewelry mess if you do not have a drawer in your closet for such small items. All you need is a hanging organizer with pockets to keep in your jewelry (earrings, bracelets, wrist watches and necklaces).

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By Nana Ama Afoa Osae I Writer I GreatWonderful Team

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