If you are doing the 100-Day Project, here are six tips to keep you on your toes and help you survive the long haul.


Write down your reason (s) for committing to a project for one hundred days in the form of a motivating statement. Print, frame and put it on a wall or keep a copy on your PC or laptop. Put it anywhere you can see to remind you of your commitment and make you determined to cross the finish line. Some good reasons for taking the challenge can be:

  • Link up with others and become a part of a community
  • Build a creative habit 
  • Hone skills and build confidence
  • Create works that can be sold or gifted


Think carefully about the kind of project you want to take on. If it's your first year, it's advisable to pick something simple and manageable. That way, when your enthusiasm begins to wane, which usually happens when you are halfway through the 100 days, you will be determined to see it through. Moreover, it's also best to choose a project which you are passionate about. What do you love doing? Crochet, pottery, origami or sculpture? Whatever it is, you may want to use this challenge as an opportunity to develop your style and skills. The bottom line is, your choice should be something that motivates you and gets you excited.

100-Day Project


Whatever project you decide on has to fit into your current schedule. How many hours or minutes can you commit to your project every day? As a rule of thumb, your project should not take more than twenty minutes of your daily schedule. But if you have a lot of extra time, you can slot in more time for it. It's also a good idea to use a timer to help you stick to your time slot.


A 100-Day Project can be very demanding. The very thought of getting to the 100th day can be intimidating. You have to break your project into milestones as you go along. Give yourself a pat on the back or treat anytime you cross any of these milestones. For instance, since it's 100 days, the 25th day can be a great milestone for you because it signifies the completion of a quarter of the project. Celebrating such small wins can be very motivating and may very well be what drives you to finish up.

100-Day Project


Being a part of a community is one of the requirements for participating in this challenge. Besides, it is inspiring to do the project with other people. You can draw encouragement and support from them. The project hashtag, #the100DayProject, can be used to find and follow others participating. You can connect with them, cheer them on, share ideas and challenges, and get help if you hit a roadblock. 


Fun, fun, fun! That's what the 100-Day Project is all about. Don't be hard on yourself when you aren't cutting it or miss a day. Nobody is keeping tabs on you. What's most important is completing it, no matter how long it takes. Besides, you can tweak your project idea if it's proving difficult. Just enjoy the experience.

100-Day Project

What's your 100-Day Project? Share with us in the comments section.



By Nana Ama Afoa Osae I Writer I GreatWonderful Team

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