Are you overwhelmed by your condition? If it's scheduling appointments with your doctor, timing your contractions or even getting some relaxation - help is just a click away with these pregnancy APPs!

We have sampled ten of the best based on price, availability, reviews or ratings and what makes them a unique APP.

Ready? Let's unpack this!



Say hello to one of Time Magazine's Top 50 APPs of the year. Sprout comes with a Next Generation 3D Interaction feature that makes your growing baby's behaviour come alive or look very visual. The visual effects of your baby's heartbeats, kicks and other movements look almost real to the eye and are very impressive. Every day, you get to see what is happening inside your womb and to your baby. It also comes with a journal that you can use to record photos or visuals of your growing baby and capture any unforgettable pregnancy thoughts and experiences. There are also add-ons. These are tools such as a weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer, and personalized pregnancy timeline. You also get daily and weekly information about you and your baby, checklists, just to mention a few. This APP is free but comes with in-app purchases; the basic APP is free though you'll have to pay to get the add-ons. It rates 4.6 stars and 4.7 stars on Android and iPhone, respectively. 



Ovia has a unique built-in tool that is a baby due date countdown timer so you can countdown to D-day. It also has other helpful tools to help you track weekly progress and learn more about your baby's development. With this APP, you also get to be a part of a moms-to-be community. You can connect with other pregnant women to get support, advice and share useful info. It also has a resource of over 1000 pregnancy articles, tips and tools to browse from for insights and information about your condition. Get help with choosing the right baby name with a tool for picking baby names too. To use the App, all you need to do is to key in the name of your baby, gender, due date and even your symptoms. You will get personalized info about being pregnant and how you are moving ahead. Ovia is free with no in-app purchases. It rates 4.9 stars on iPhone and 4.8 stars on Android – which is pretty incredible!



If you're looking for an APP to keep you sane while you are pregnant, then Hello Belly is your go-to APP. This APP has best-in-class mediation sessions and yoga classes presented in videos to keep you mentally and emotionally healthy. It is also resourceful since it gives you access to over 400 tips presented entertainingly and written by the best pregnancy experts. You also get access to checklists and handbooks on important pregnancy topics such as shopping, nutrition, hospital bag, symptoms, etc. Some tools give you 3D and AR visualizations of the baby in your womb every week. Moreover, the look and feel of the APP in terms of its design or graphics are colourful, user-friendly and fun, making the APP very engaging to use. This APP rates better on Android than iPhone with 4.3 stars for Android and 4.1 stars for iPhone. It's free with in-app purchases.



With Baby2Body guiding you all the way, you don't need to fuss over staying physically and mentally healthy while you are pregnant. This APP will be your fitness instructor during and after being pregnant. It will give you access to lots of workouts, daily exercises and circuits and even create a personalized workout plan that suits your goals and fitness level. You can also find tons of easy-peasy healthy recipes and the best dietary tips. Boost your mental energy and chase the blues away with the APP's guided meditation sessions, happiness hacks and tips and breathing exercises. Looking and feeling beautiful can be almost impossible when your bun is growing in your oven. But this APP comes packed with skincare, fashion and beauty tips to help you out. More importantly, this APP will keep you informed on all that there is to know about being pregnant. With all these great pregnancy objectives (staying calm, keeping fit, eating healthy, being informed and even feeling sexy while pregnant), you're sure to fall in love with this APP! This APP is currently available only on the App Store for iPhone where it rates 4.7 stars. It is free but with in-app purchases.



Having a good night's sleep can sometimes be out of reach when you're pregnant. You have to cope with hot flushes, frequent trips to the loo, perhaps a spouse's constant snoring and blah blah blah. Well, with the TMSoft White Noise you can say goodbye to your sleep troubles. The Lite version of this APP has tons of sounds to choose from to drown out all those other unpleasant noises so you can catch your Z's. You can even record and mix your favourite sounds and play them anywhere. What's more, when your bun drops, it can be a handy tool to lull him or her to sleep. It's free and available for Android and iOS where it rates 4.7 stars and 4.8 stars, respectively.



If you're the anxious type who wants to know what's up with your bump, then the Pregnancy+ APP is what you need. Get this APP and get daily updates on your pregnancy, such as full pictures of your baby and how he or she is growing. This APP also comes with a kick counter and contraction timer. It also gives you access to a list of baby names and other items you may need while pregnant and after delivery. This APP rates 4.8 stars on both Android and iPhone. It's also free but with in-app purchases.



Mental health is necessary for every pregnant woman since it has an impact on your stress levels. Headspace is a mental wellness APP for pregnant women. If you are looking for guided meditation and mindfulness sessions, then get this APP. These sessions will help you relax, keep your focus, create some balance during pregnancy and even help you sleep better. Headspace comes with a free course to teach you the ABCs of meditation. You can also pay to get access to other resources such as tons of meditation topics on stress and sleep, loads of one-off mindfulness exercises and many more. Although a free APP, Headspace offers in-app purchases. It's available for Android and iPhone and rates 4.9 stars on iPhone.



This is a pregnancy tracker with a due date countdown and contraction timer. It comes with a baby size visualizer to help you determine your due date and to update you every week on how your baby is growing. You'll also be updated on changes going on in your body and what symptoms you should be expecting at every stage with the due date countdown. This APP has functions to help you keep tabs on various aspects of your health such as your blood pressure, weight and pulse. Its contraction timer will also inform you of when you're going to go into labour. There are also other useful stuff you'll find on the APP to help you prepare for delivery. You'll find a hospital bag checklist, a baby names list, a birth plan and a baby shopping list. The rating for this app is 4.6 stars for Android and 4.8 stars for iPhone. It's a free APP with in-app purchases.



Isn't it nice to know that daddies also have their own APP to help them cope with their partner's condition? The DaddyUp APP provides would-be fathers with all the info they need to be very supportive of their partners during pregnancy. The free APP comes with a checklist that can be customized, a journal log and a contraction counter. It also gives you access to week-by-week updates to help you track your baby's size and make comparisons with previous updates. With the DaddyUp APP, would-be fathers are covered! Ratings for this APP are 4.2 stars for both Android and iPhone.



Peanut is one of the best pregnancy community APPs you can find. Pregnancy can sometimes be a lonely journey, but not when you can connect to other moms-to-be and get some moral support or advice. This APP provides a platform for meeting and communicating with other pregnant women within your geographical location or neighbourhood. You can ask questions, have conversations, join groups, share stuff, create polls and even video chat! Peanut rates 4.2 stars for iPhone, and it's free.


Please visit the Google Play Store (for Android users) or the App Store (for iPhone or iPad users) to get the APPs. 


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