Wonderful Baby - Baby Diaper - Europe "Bulk"

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How and What makes our diapers GreatWonderful? 

Our Diapers:

  • Fragrance/lotion free and ultra absorption capacity.
  • Leak guard and dryness for 12 hrs.
  • Mitigate risk of diaper rash.
  • Stretchable waist band.
  • Super soft material.
  • GreatWonderful secure fit. 


Hypoallergenic; free of chlorine and harsh chemicals. Non-woven material and wood pulp





Quantity Per Pack

Size N: 64 per pack                           
Size 1: 70 per pack
Size 2: 90 per pack
Size 3: 120 per pack
Size 4: 45 per pack
Size 5: 40 per pack 
Size 6: 36 per pack



What makes a good diaper?      

You’ll want to find a  great absorbency, a good fit and safe materials.GreatWonderful brand of diapers offer great diapers for your baby.

How often should i change the baby diaper?

To prevent irritation and diaper rash change your baby diapers frequently.

Is GreatWonderful brand of diapers good on delicate skin?                              

Yes, our diapers are designed with your baby delicate skin in mind. All our diapers are made to be hypoallergenic, free from fragrance and possible irritants.

 How to Use Diapers for parents:

  • Lie your baby down on their back, open the diaper and slide it under your baby while gently lifting his or her legs and feet. The back part with the adhesive strips should be about level with your baby's bellybutton.
  • Bring the front part of the diaper up between your baby's legs and onto his or her stomach.
  • Bring the adhesive strips around and fasten snugly. Be careful not to stick the tape onto your baby's skin. To mitigate leaks, make sure the diaper’s legs cuffs are pulled out.

Extra Tips:

  • Garbage should be emptied regularly (about once a day).
  • If you find any marks around your baby's legs and waist, the diaper is too tight. Go for a looser fit next time. If that doesn’t help, your baby may be ready for the next size diaper.
  • Fold down the waistline of the diaper if your baby's umbilical cord has not fallen off yet to keep that area dry. Continue to do this for a few days after the cord has fallen off to prevent irritation.
  • Always wash your hands well after changing your baby's diaper to prevent the spread of germs.

CAUTION: To avoid risk of suffocation, keep this packaging away from babies and children. Choking may result from anything babies put in their mouths. Discard any torn or damaged diapers.